Frequently Asked Questions


General Enquiries

What is vaping?

This is the term given to 'smoking' an e cigarette, even though vapers would tell you they are not 'smoking' as there is no smoke!

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What is the best brand of e liquid?

Really there is no 'best brand', there are only well manufactured as opposed to badly manufactured e liquids. The best brand therefore is a brand that is manufactured to a high standard.

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What type e liquid to use?

There are several brands of e liquid on the market, along with many home made e liquids. The come in different mixes and strengths.

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What is e liquid?

Like the term "e juice", e liquid is another name for the liquid used in e cigs and vaping devices.

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What is e juice used for?

This is one of the common names given to the liquid used in electronic cigarettes.

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What type e cig to use?

There are many brands and types of e cig on the market today, most are made in China and rebranded. Try different ones until you find the best one for you.

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